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Question 1

In the case below, the original source material is given along with a sample of student work. Determine the type of plagiarism by clicking the appropriate radio button.

Original Source Material

Student Version

Instructional design theory requires at least two components: methods for facilitating human learning and development (which are also called methods of instruction), and indications as to when and when not to use these methods (which I call situations).


Reigeluth, C. M. (1999). What is instructional design theory and how is it changing? In C. M. Reigeluth (Ed.), Instructional-design theories and models volume II: A new paradigm of instructional theory. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Two components must be present in an instructional design theory. The first component (methods) describes how human learning will be supported, and the second component (situation) describes when certain methods ought to be used.

Which of the following is true for the Student Version above?