How to Acknowledge these Tutorials and Tests

Is it okay to use these online learning resources outside of IU?

Individuals and organizations outside of Indiana University are welcome to use these tutorials and tests for any non-profit educational purpose. For example, you may print and distribute this tutorial for classroom activities, make a hyperlink to this tutorial on your Website, direct or require your students to do this tutorial, take Certification Tests, etc., without asking for written permission. You may further use examples and explanations from this tutorial as part of your teaching, as long as appropriate acknowledgement is given. Note, however, that item pools for Certification Tests provided on this website are copyrighted by Indiana University and are not available for duplication or distribution elsewhere.

Instructors who want to try Certification Tests themselves must first register, and when doing so, respond to question 5: I intend to review this as a learning resource for students I teach.

To acknowledge this tutorial and associated tests in APA style, we suggest this citation (Frick et al. 2024), and this reference:

Frick, T., Dagli, C., Barrett, A., Myers, R., Kwon, K., & Tomita, K. (2024). How to recognize plagiarism: Tutorials and tests. Bloomington, IN: Instructional Systems Technology, School of Education, Indiana University.

If your institution is using these materials, we would appreciate that you let us know -- not to ask permission but just for our information. You can send this acknowledgement to Ted Frick. Thank you.


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